Persistent symptoms .....significant improvement and increased energy...

I went to get treatment for persistent symptoms. I noticed a significant improvement straight away after the first session, and this has continued since. I have also enjoyed increased energy, optimism and a better outlook on life. Julia is a highly skillful professional and sensitive acupuncturist, and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Bill H

My mother and I.... late stage pregnancy/overdue baby... arthritis.....greater mobility

My mother and I have both had wonderful treatments from Julia. My treatments have helped with back pain, sinuses and I also went for help during late stages of pregnancy (2 days after the last treatment my overdue baby arrived, hurrah!) My mother has had very successful regular treatment from Julia - particularly helping with severe arthritis, enabling her to keep mobile. As a nurse for over 50 years she was sceptical about 'alternative' treatments, more comfortable with the approach of traditional medicine.

bodywork helps chronic back pain and stress..

Julia treated me with a technique called Body Alignment  (Bodywork, based on Zero Balancing). I was experiencing chronic back pain and stress at the time. I was really impressed by the treatment, I hadn’t heard of it before but it helped loads. I got a real sense of being able to let go of tension that I’ve not experienced with other treatments before and my back pain improved tremendously.

Julia is a very skilled practitioner and shows real understanding, I would be more than happy to recommend her. Louise

Stressful juggling my life...helped focus. Wide reaching benefits...

I had taken over a small business and was finding it very stressful, juggling my life as a single parent and now a self employed boss too. I was beginning to think that i had bitten off more than i could chew. Having acupuncture helped me initially to deal with my anxieties and to focus on getting the job done and was, i believe, what saw me through some very difficult times. I discovered, during this time, that i enjoyed my regular visits to Julia and that the benefits of the acupuncture were far more wide reaching than i could ever have imagined.

bodywork for fatigue and long-term pain ...I felt as if I turned a corner...

I went to see Julia for various ailments including chronic fatigue and long-term muscle, neck and shoulder pain. After a course of acupuncture, I had four sessions of zero balance body work. These left me feeling totally relaxed and my body felt as it if had realigned itself. The process is very gentle and I felt a deep sense of well being afterwards. I was able to experience what it felt like to be pain free and significantly more energised. Its longer term effects are subtle but deep, and overall I felt as if I turned a corner in my long-term recovery through it. Anna

In the first two sessions I noticed a massive and positive change in myself...

“I started going to Julia on a friend’s recommendation and I was amazed at what a difference her sessions have made to my life. I had never tried acupuncture before but within the first two sessions I noticed a massive and positive change in myself, both physically and emotionally. I would and have recommended Julia to anyone” - Harriet Warner, screenwriter.