Pulled Muscle

I consulted Julia after pulling a muscle in my back.  Julia's peaceful room, sympathetic manner and her "whole person" approach were instantly reassuring.  The acupuncture was effective in reducing pain and inducing feelings of calm and wellbeing.  Bodywork treatment and guidance from Julia on relaxation and breathing also worked wonders.  Highly recommended.  Anna H.  Dulwich

Not only physically but emotionally...

Julia has great qualities as a person and as an acupuncture therapist.  I have nagging conditions - migraines, insomnia;  that I have treatment for.  I always leave feeling considerably better not only physically but emotionally and mentally.  Also, after an accident, I had a few aches and pains that Julia has sorted out using a wonderful "body-balancing"  technique.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending her work.  Patricia, Psychologist and Life Coach


After being diagnosed with ME I went to see Julia.  When I started treatment my energy levels, on a scale of 1-10, were about 2.  After just a few sessions I felt the difference and after 10 sessions my energy levels are up to about 8.   The experience of acupuncture was very calming and deeply relaxing and Julia is a very good listener and advisor.  You get emotional as well as physical support with Julia.  I would highly recommend her.  Judith

A year of trying to conceive..

I started to see Julia after about a year of trying to get pregnant.  I had read that acupuncture was very good for your reproductive system but also from the stress that comes with not being able to conceive. 

At our initial meeting, Julia was extremely thorough in asking me lots of questions.  She always had a really lovely manner and instantly made me feel relaxed.  At first II was sceptical about acupuncture and also have never liked needles but I quickly felt that the acupuncture was making me feel better.

I can feel the change in my body over the time of the treatment

" I first saw Julia right after I moved to the UK six years ago, and I am still so amazed at how much her treatments help. There is something almost magical about acupuncture where I can feel the change in my body over the time of the treatment. I was originally seeing Julia to help strengthen my immune system, which always seemed to be taxed and run-down. Now I'm much stronger, see her more rarely, but inevitably find my sessions with her to be exactly what I need. Not only are the treatments healing but Julia herself is a wonderfully sympathetic carer.

I used to be very tense ...... I am a completely different person ...

Initially Acupuncture was recommended to me by my Sister in Law. After my first session with Julia in August, my body reacted very quickly to the treatment. My cycle is adjusting, but more importantly it has had a huge impact on the rest of my life. I used to be very tense, aggressive/angry, short tempered and intolerant... All my friends, colleagues, family have told me I am a completely different person, a Joy to be around! I am more confident in my job, less stressed and tense. Generally I am a much happier, healthier person and I have Julia and her Acupuncture to thank for that.