Chronic Migraine

After being diagnosed with chronic migraine a few years ago I spent years trying different prescription medication (with horrible side-effects), osteopathy, and many more expensive options. Someone then advised trying acupuncture. Having been a little sceptical before, due to an irrational fear of needles, I was out of other options so found Julia online. On meeting Julia, she put me instantly at ease, and listened intently to symptoms/lifestyle/diet etc. and then began working her magic!

Calming effect on the mind

"I have been visiting Julia for acupuncture for a few months now and I have found it to be of huge benefit. Julia has an innate way of making you feel at home, relaxed and calm. She explains the theory behind what points benefit what symptom. Julia takes time at the beginning of each session to have a catch up, ask questions and find out how you've been since the last treatment. I find this of huge benefit also. During the treatment, Julia is very thorough and the treatment is unhurried and has a very calming effect on the mind.


After treatment last week my mind felt so clear, as clear as the blue sky is today.  Wonderful. Thank you.  Anne C


I  have felt much better since I saw you for a Zero Balance.  More energy, very loose neck and my shoulders better too.  It was a very good session.

Thank you.   Michelle



Pick you up!

If you are looking for a pick me up during this dreary winter I can recommend a treatment with Julia Quick.  She does acupuncture and body alignment.  She's warm and intuitive and highly experienced.  I never feel more refreshed than after a treatment with her. Honestly.  She's in West Dulwich so easy to get to.  Look her up.  Quick!   

Help with sleep, stiff neck, headaches and anxieties - Zero Balancing

I first came to see Julia for acupuncture.  I am a full time writer and journalist, as well as a mother of three so with the additional stress of having two family members with long term illness, I was feeling both physically tired and emotionally exhausted. My symptoms were stiffness in the neck and shoulders, recurrent headaches, digestive problems and difficulty sleeping.

stress and depression

"Julia has helped me overcome depression and stress and given me back a sense of well-being and happiness.
When I arrived at my first appointment with Julia I was in a real emotional mess. I was extremely depressed and very stressed by work pressures.
Julia listened as I told her how black and empty I felt inside, she passed me tissues as I literally sobbed my way through how I was feeling. She then started the acupuncture.

sleep improvement

"I came to see Julia because I was having great trouble sleeping after having had chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. Our sessions are very relaxed and informal and I found the opportunity to talk about and reflect upon all that had happened to me an unexpected benefit. I didn't notice any particular improvements initially but with Julia's encouragement I persevered and after several sessions my sleep improved significantly. My sleeping pattern has settled down now but I am still planning to see Julia periodically - to keep me in good order"  Helen


I suffered with endometriosis for many years, the symptoms which include extremely painful, heavy irregular periods and difficulty conceiving. I decided to try acupuncture once I started having fertility treatment and have never looked back.


I did have an open mind when I first came to Julia and since taking the treatment and having positive feedback from family and friends I recommend the use of acupuncture.  It has helped my recovery to full health.  Thank you.  Laurel