Do you have to believe, for acupuncture to work?

Well, a story - The woman who asked that question came with a bad shoulder, very painful which had last recurred some years ago, at which time, after a little treatment she recovered quickly.  Since then she has developed High Blood Pressure, has had a Stroke which she recovered well from and had developed another challenging problem.  

At first treatment didn't seem to be helping the shoulder, however, her sleep had improved.  The next session she told me  the other difficulty had had a sudden improvement then returned to a much less troublesome level. 

Why I became an Acupuncturist

One day in the 1980's I had been rehearsing with a Dance Group, working in an office and completely ignoring the fact that I was exhausted.  A friend recommended acupuncture to me and I was amazed.  My taste for chocolate (which had been helping me through my days) completely disappeared.  Now I don't say this will happen to my clients though some would wish it would.  I suddenly was able to be more organised and a problem I had always had disappeared.  Well, this was something! 

Preventative Medicine

Acupuncture can strengthen the Immune System through its understanding. While one cold a year is normal and the body's way of cleansing the sytem, if you seem to be prone to any infection going, or feel generally low then this would be a good time to call your acupuncturist for an appointment also take special care with your diet and get plenty of rest. Stress and lack of rest often rob us of our vitality.

A change of view

This blog is going to start backwards - if there is anyone reading this.  I was due to begin this endeavour in March, Had just to learn how to use the system and ....  I was flooded by a burst water main at 1pm on the 4th of March.  A torrent of toffee coloured water pouring down my steps and into my flat!