More About the Metal Element - Autumn Acupuncture

The Organs associated with the Metal Element due to their association with the Season of Autumn are the Lungs and the Colon.

As the season marks the change from the Activity (Yang) of summer, to the Hibernation / stillness (Yin) of winter perhaps we can see that it is about letting go.  But to let go, we must take in.  So this pair : Lungs - take in the good, the pure (air) and the colon and the skin too, sometimes called the 3rd lung, get rid of he rubbish so that our whole being functions with clarity.

End of Autumn

So, are we yet in Winter?  Almost I would say, but not quite.  Leaves still on my cherry tree though mostly on the ground, not quite.

Primroses blooming, what a funny year.  Time still to do the last gardening jobs - preparation for winter.

Makes me think, what do I need to do to prepare for winter.  Want to sleep more - that's a sign, more rest, more putting something back.  Keep warm, Keep warm.

Winter - Courage!

Well, I guess it must be Winter - thick snow, travel chaos and cold, cold, cold...

The thing about Winter and how it effects us and how the element represented here manifests within us we have to look at all its manifestations.

Ice at the moment  - frozen, still, ceased up but also pristine (for a while) making us retreat home if we can ... to safety.

Seasonal Treatment

Seasonal Treatment is a principal in Five Element Acupuncture as it brings the power of each season to help keep you in balance.   This is the  Preventative power of acupuncture.  Don't leave it until you are unwell before booking a treatment.   Come in when you are well.  Four or Five times a year.  Our health is so important how do we value it.

In Summer - everything is wonderful, free and alive - are you?  

In Autumn it is a good time to strengthen the immune system.  Help protect from the cold that's coming

Spring is Springing! or is it?

Warmth (at last), cat curled up in the garden or luxuriating on the wall.  Green Growth and a feeling of possibility in the air.  So many peoples favourite season.   Showing the power of the "Wood Element" .  I hope there is a spring in your step?  I began a new "hot yoga" practice some years ago as part  of  a detox and getting strong for the  year.  I'll be  having a Seasonal Acupuncture Treatment in the next weeks, to get it all working together... How about you?.

Is it Now?

So, New Year, New Page, always the time for "fresh starts" and "new beginnings",,, Why now, we all know, don't we, that every single moment contains this possibility but...

I think that the Symbolism of New Year can support us, act as a slip stream to ride until we are able to take the reins.  But why are we so keen on the New Year Resolution...  Why are there always so many things we want to change.   Is it even true?  A good friend of mine once said "You do what you do.... an that's it..."