stress and depression

"Julia has helped me overcome depression and stress and given me back a sense of well-being and happiness.
When I arrived at my first appointment with Julia I was in a real emotional mess. I was extremely depressed and very stressed by work pressures.
Julia listened as I told her how black and empty I felt inside, she passed me tissues as I literally sobbed my way through how I was feeling. She then started the acupuncture.
This was painless (you do not know if you have a needle in you or not - unless you look) and so relaxing. I felt a change, like something had shifted, after the first session and each time I have been back, I feel stronger. Her treatment has helped me overcome a very black stage in my life. I feel much happier and emotionally calmer than I have felt in a long time. Acupuncture really does work!
I feel very lucky to have found Julia and would not hesitate to recommend her, as she is a fantastic acupuncturist. If you doubt the power of acupuncture, don't! I would say, give it a go... what have you got to loose? Imagine what you could gain. I feel amazing now, I am like a completely different person.
I feel different on the inside and I know its thanks to Julia."