Help with sleep, stiff neck, headaches and anxieties - Zero Balancing

I first came to see Julia for acupuncture.  I am a full time writer and journalist, as well as a mother of three so with the additional stress of having two family members with long term illness, I was feeling both physically tired and emotionally exhausted. My symptoms were stiffness in the neck and shoulders, recurrent headaches, digestive problems and difficulty sleeping.

Right from my first session with Julia, I began to feel more relaxed and at peace with myself. After two sessions of acupuncture my sleep improved dramatically, becoming deeper and with less troubled dreams. It was at this point that Julia suggested I try Zero Balancing, a gentle mind-body therapy involving light finger pressure applied to the bones of the skeleton that I found intensely relaxing, as well as helping to clear my mind of troubling intrusive anxieties.

After three months I now have regular sessions of Zero Balancing and find not only that my physical health is greatly improved, but also that I feel calmer, less 'fragmented' and more able to deal both with family problems and with my everyday life. It is the most effective alternative therapy I have ever encountered and the beneficial effects on both my health and my sense of self-worth remarkable.  Clare