Chronic Migraine

After being diagnosed with chronic migraine a few years ago I spent years trying different prescription medication (with horrible side-effects), osteopathy, and many more expensive options. Someone then advised trying acupuncture. Having been a little sceptical before, due to an irrational fear of needles, I was out of other options so found Julia online. On meeting Julia, she put me instantly at ease, and listened intently to symptoms/lifestyle/diet etc. and then began working her magic!

Each session became an hour of bliss and the effects were be instant and the relief/relaxed feeling would stay with me for weeks after each session.
Since seeing Julia I have suffered very few migraines and she also helped other issues such as digestive discomfort, palpitations, low mood (and many more!).
I would recommend Julia to anyone struggling with any symptoms as it seems no health problem is too big! Julia is also very generous with her time and schedule, and it is comforting to know Julia is only a call away! KB