About Acupuncture


One of he foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an understanding of energy (known as Chee or Qi), and the way it moves, changes and grows and diminishes.

This energy is moved and encouraged into balance through contact with points on channels (meridians), which flow over the surface of the body and percolate through to every part of our being.

Disposable fine needles are used (or simple pressure in some cases) to stimulate or calm the energy. A herb known as moxa (mugwort) may also be burned on the point to warm and nurture.

The choice of points is based on a traditional diagnosis, through taking the pulses, looking at the tongue and listening to your history and concerns. The relaxation and balance brought about during and through treatment is where the healing and rebalancing begins. This is the key to health and wellbeing - symptoms will lessen and disappear as treatment progresses.

Acupuncture is seen more and more as complementary to Western Medicine and is often prescribed as an adjunct to traditional treatments.  I use both the Five Element and Eight Principal models of acupuncture within my practice.